SALCO Aluminum Smelter

Project Size

  • US$ 1.2 billion

“Rhyton offered us a straight out of the box software solution that required little customization and helped us to identify opportunities to improve our project.”

M. A. Nejad, Deputy of Systems and Operations

Project Detail

South Aluminum Corp. (SALCO) smelter, which is to produce 300,000 tons per year in its first phase of three designed phases with the capacity of 1 million tons, annually.

The first phase project has 258 electrolytic cells, which is building by China’s China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., (NFC) with $1.2 billion which includes construction of a deep water port.

SALCO facilities include two pot rooms. Each pot room contains electrolysis pots for aluminum production. The length of each pot room is about 1,000 meters. Each pot room includes 129 reduction cells and the total number of cells is 258. The daily production of each pot is 3,255 kg. The annual production capacity of a plant is 300,000 tons of liquid aluminum per year (TPY). The plant will use bauxite ore as the feedstock.


  • The sizable network of project partners across different geographical areas.
  • Risk of incomplete or outdated project information.
  • The crucial need for document version control to minimize errors and keep the projects on schedule.


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