The engineering phase of the project is the starting point of both Engineering Procurement Construction and Design Fabrication projects.
Most engineering companies use spreadsheets, custom-made software, or an engineering document management system (EDMS) software to manage their engineering flow and work products.

The bigger the size of the projects as well as the more volume of the documents, the more difficult and crucial controlling the scope of work, calculating weight changes and work progress, controlling revisions, managing changes, and strict plan adherence becomes.
RHYTON Provides an EDMS that covers all the procedures mentioned above and even integrates other parts of the project from the beginning of construction to operation.
The system is scalable in terms of the project’s size and is fully compatible with the organization’s role in the project.

The system is scalable to the project’s size and is fully compatible with the organization’s role in the project.

Engineering Scope

  • Master Document Register (MDR) for the main project and sub-projects;
  • Ability to control several MDRs for a single project;
  • Project scope’s change management;
  • Documents’ responsibility control;
  • Interface control between sub-contractors;
  • Inter-project Engineering control.

Document Control Center (D.C.C.)

  • Internal Review workflows;
  • Internal distribution workflows to produce new documents or to complete current documents;
  • Document automatic numbering based on the numbering procedure of each project;
  • Controlling major and minor revisions;
  • Auto start working on each document, after reaching an agreement on timing plan and all predecessors were passed.

Document List

  • Access to the latest valid revision of documents;
  • Access to previous revisions for authorized people;
  • Document’s history and chain reports.


  • Transmittals and documents receiving based on agreed MDR;
  • Transmittals management and creation;
  • Creating and issuing comment sheets for sub-contractors;
  • Comment sheets receiving from the project owner or client.

Progress Tracking

  • Progress calculation based on project’s PMS;
  • Engineering progress calculations;
  • Notifications on delays and events;
  • Various progress, delays, hold points’ reports.

External Stakeholder’s Access

  • Engineering Outsourcing management;
  • Providing online access to engineering sub-contractors to check or submit documents or transmittals based on the scope of work which is defined in MDR;
  • Providing online access to the client or project owner to check or submit comments and approvals.



Users always have access to the latest valid version of a document, but all changes, as well as the comparison between different revisions, are available for authorized people.



All project’s stakeholders could use a single and centralized server.



Based on responsibility matrix, or Ad-hoc flows that may be used in special conditions, documents flow within predefined workflows.

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