After the engineering phase and during the construction, documents that have been marked as “approved for construction” would be available to the project’s technical office, automatically.

This module also facilitates distribution of documents to sub-contractors or construction units. It informs stakeholders about changes, controls the flow of Technical Queries and Non-Conformity Reports, and finally  adds “As-Built” documents, easily.

Ensures access to the latest valid document revision to all construction parties.


  • Integration of Engineering and Construction;
  • Document Distribution Between the Company and Construction Sub-Contractors and Parties;
  • Access to Live and Valid “Approved for Construction” Documents Repository;
  • Dynamic Workflow for Each Type of “Technical Query” From Raising Trough Closing, to Archiving;
  • Dynamic Workflow for Each Type of “Non-Conformity Report” From Raising Trough Closing, to Archiving;
  • Access to Construction Document Center for Each Sub-Contractor Based on Access Levels;
  • Status Reports of Each Discipline, Area, Unit, Work Package, and Sub-Contractor.

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