Rhyton HSEye: a Full-time HSE eye

HSEye brings real cases Artificial Intelligence to save people, properties and businesses.


HSEye is a computer vision product to detect potential hazards which could not be recognized via common sensors. With analyzing existing camera videos in real-time ,the system not only detect intelligently humans, fire ,smoke or any other object ,but also generate proper alarms or signal based on predefined rules. It provide proper interfaces to define various scenarios based on smart detections and serve multiple protocols to integrate its smartness into industrial systems.


Camera as a Sensor

HSEye turns your existing Cameras into smart Sensors. By analyzing camera videos, multiple objects are being detected in less than a second

Rule Creator

HSEye provides you with a simple user interface to create rules and design work flow based on your needs.You can make necessary emergency procedures that should be applied to each hazard scenario.

Compatible System

HSEye support various protocols and can integrate with any other systems. It supports RestAPI as well as EtherCat and Profibus.

Use Cases

Smoke and Fire Detection

Wrong red flags and latent detection of smoke and fire causes considerable costs for industries. On the other hand some of inventory sites are located in open air area, which is impossible to install common sensors there.

HSEye as your in-place agent, observe the whole area and detect smokes in its early phases, automatically generate proper alarms and procedures that should be put into action.

Unauthorized Entry Detection

Human faults causes more than 80% of industrial accidents. Monitoring authenticated entry or leaving operational sites in specific locations which has high potential for falling  or crash into moving objects, is crucial to keep site workforce safe.

HSEye enable HSE engineers or security agents to define rules for multiple locations which are visible to site cameras. By this AI tool, you can ensure no one enters prohibited areas in certain operation at specific time.

HSEye help organization to authenticate people based on their image on camera videos so they know who is located where.

Warehouse material proximity detection

Material proximity incidents impose huge amounts of money on industries working with flammable materials. There are tough rules in such inventories to ensure safety and preventing hazards. But these places are too large to be controlled by proper sensors and human workforce, who are in charge of safety monitoring.

HSEye Machine Vision Tool helps industries to smarten the existing systems which safety monitoring should be controlled and confirmed by unreliable human eyes.

It includes detecting the right positioning of a specific type of material, material tracking as well as vehicles, and staff entry, leaving control.

HSEye Detection Modules

  • Fire&Smoke Detection
  • Human Detection
  • Asset Detection
  • Helmet detection
  • Eyeglass detection
  • vehicle detection
  • Weather detection
  • vehicle type detection
  • Color classification
  • Face detection and recognition

Support Material