19th Development Phase of South Pars/North Dome field Gas Field (the world's largest natural gas field)

Project Size

  • US$ 2.4 billion
  • 2 Main General Contractors
  • 3500 Engineers

Project Detail

South Pars/North Dome gas field is the world’s largest gas field that is located on the joint borderline between Iran and Qatar, The gas reserves of this huge gas field comprise about 8% of the total gas reserves of the world.

19th development phase of South Pars Gas Field is one of the biggest development phases of this huge gas field with plan to 2 BSCFPD Production Capacity.

This phase offshore part includes:

  • 21 wells including drilling of 15 new wells plus 6 wells in SPD2 platform, phase 1;
  • 4 Offshore platforms including 2 main platforms and 2 satellite platforms;
  • Two 32” pipes to transfer gas from the main platforms to the onshore processing unit, 260km in total with two 4.5” pipelines for MEG injection;
  • Two 18” infield pipelines to transfer gas from the satellite platforms to the main platforms inlet, totaling 12km.

In addition, the offshore process unit to process the following products:

  • 50 MSCMPD of refined gas;
  • 1100000 tons per year of liquefied gas;
  • 77000 barrels per day of gas condensates;
  • 1000000 Tons per year of Ethane gas to feed the petrochemical plants;
  • 400000000 Tons per day Sulfur as a by-product of gas sweetening process.

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