In a multi-discipline construction project, you have to face variety of activities and tests to ensure proper completion of work.

Controlling several sub-contractors with differences in scope of work and nature of activities requires an integrated software solution to control the flow of work and approvals.

Work Definition

  • Determining construction method including activities, sub-activities, related tests, and inspections;
  • Definition of each activity’s responsibility for owner, general contractor, sub-contractor, and inspection third party;
  • Determining commissioning systems and sub-systems to categorize work based on commissioning priorities;
  • Defining construction work packages and assigning it to construction internal parties or sub-contractors;
  • Defining each work package related to commissioning system, equipment, unit, and area;


  • Maintaining sub-contractors records and data;
  • Defining the access level of each sub-contractor;
  • Defining each sub-contractor human resources;
  • Allocation of work packages to sub-contractor and auto-creation of work permits;
  • Balance control of packages of each P.O.;
  • Packaging and shipping details of each packing list;


  • The automated workflow permit to sub-contractors;
  • Ability to submit inspection application by sub-contractor and its approval flow;
  • Customizable workflow of Field Inspection Notices (FIN) and Filed Inspection Reports (FIR);
  • Automatic notifications on each step;
  • Defining obstacles of each activity, and auto-start of predefined flow;
  • Non-conformities submission on each activity, and auto-start of clarification flow;
  • Identifying the risks of each activity including probability, occurrence, impact, and severity;
  • Automatic documentation of activities, work permits, inspection reports, inspection notices and etc.;
  • Archiving documents, datasheets, pictures, reports, etc.



Documents, history, NCRs results and inspection reports of each package gathers into an Inspection File.



All Parties in an inspection including owner, company, vendor, and inspection third party have access to inspections based on their role in ITP.



ITPs control every single activity on each item.

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