We work to apply the power of technology to strengthen communities.

Social Responsibility


Helping least developed countries with their IT challenges

Lack of intelligent systems in least developed countries have driven us to put our skills into action. These countries deserve asset management, EPC, health care information systems and it is our privilege to help their industries to reach equality and fairness.


At Rhyton Solutions GmbH, we believe in the values of diversity and inclusion. Rhyton Solutions GmbH is an anti-racism organization. We form teams from different countries and cultures to reach optimal solutions. Our goal is to create and maintain an environment where employees from all races feel safe to discuss their opinions. As a result, we create an atmosphere of calm and security for all of our employees.

Data Protection

Rhyton Solutions GmbH has a firm commitment to the privacy of our customers. We respect local privacy laws and value customers’ privacy as a fundamental human right and we put customers in control of their privacy. We fully respect your right to privacy and any confidential information which you provide to us will be treated with the highest standards of security.

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