SaaS has changed the game for all business, also brings revolution to many areas of fleet management.

Companies, which own lots of plant and heavy machinery, have made a major investment in equipment that’s often located on a jobsite or being moved from one location to another. Not knowing where these equipment are at all times could result in economic disaster!

There are lots of financial and safety risk, like there are drivers, who use vehicles for personal purposes or waste fuel with not driving in optimized route. From Safety approach there are lots of drivers that have dangerous driving habits, causing accident and damage to vehicle.

Rhyton Fleet Management system helps you to be relieved from potential risks and track your valuable assets online via your laptop, mobile & etc. from anywhere at any time. Easily you can monitor the route they are in and are supposed to be. You are not only reducing fuel costs as your drivers are using the most optimized routing system, but also  CO2 emissions to protect our environment.

Also, you will be able to reduce your vehicles downtime and extra maintenance cost, by automating inspections process on schedule, which our system alters you in time. In addition to technical forms, you should be able to track license and insurance information, past work orders, warranty information.

As our Competitive advantage, we provide you with a smart GPS-based mobile application, which use your driver’s Smartphones location instead of costly GPS Device on your vehicle. Our software’s tracking works even without internet connection, record the routes and driver’s hours of service (HOS) in real time.

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