Rhyton DeepView has developed the unique ability to capture, analyze and record events from camera streams in conjunction with Video Management Software (VMS) such as Milestone and Genetec.

Rhyton DeepView with the deep learning artificial intelligent engine recognizes objects and actions from video streams real-time and detect suspicious or non-expected actions considering user-defined scenarios.

System also logs and analyses occurrence of events and can recognize and alert anti-pattern activities.

Machine vision capabilities based on Deep learning

  • Diagnose And Track Vehicle, Humans And Any Desired Object
  • Identify And Read The License Plate
  • Vehicle Categorization To Automobile, Buses, Trucks, And Motorcycles
  • Detection Of Car Model And Brand
  • Vehicle Color Detection
  • Identify The Weather Type: Sunny, Rainy, Foggy And Snowy
  • Smoke And Fire Detection
  • Ability To Add The Identification Of Any Desired Object

Distributed processing

  • Ability To Install On Multiple Servers With Distributed Processing
  • Can Be Connected To Any Number Of Cameras Even More Than Thousands Of Cameras
  • Compatible With Milestone Video Management Software

Define scenario by the user

  • Entry To The Forbidden Zone
  • Exits From The Authorized Area
  • Cross The Hypothetical Line
  • Move In The Opposite Direction

Dashboard and display data;

  • Provide Traffic Statistics And Charts
  • Vehicle Or Human Counts
  • Providing Statistics From Various Happened Events

User management and access level

  • Add, Delete And Edit Cameras By Admin
  • Add, Delete And Edit Scenarios By Admin
  • Add, Delete And Edit Charts And Dashboards By Admin

Appropriate action when scenario occurs

  • Video storage capability when scenario occurs
  • Ability to alert when an event occurs
    • Sound and pop-up production
    • email
    • SMS
    • Send to another web service

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