Where innovation revolutionize information systems

It gives us a sense of direction, quality, and destination to devote our talent and innovation so that we could provide industries with world-class intelligent information systems.

About Rhyton Solutions

Rhyton Solutions GmbH provide enterprises and businesses with intelligent information systems for the digital age. Our technology products help organizations harness the power of digital technology without the complexity associated with digital transformation.

Rhyton solutions gather all organizational activities, processes, competencies, and models in one platform. This integrity empowers the companies to manage effectively and gain insight and consistency of processes. We Serve enterprises around the world in different sectors from maintaining assets, managing service-focused operations, manufacturing, distributing goods, EPC Projects to health care and the medical sector.

At Rhyton with anti-racism approach, it’s our honor to dedicate our time to help local talented business in the least developed countries and lead them to be an innovative digital player.

Rhyton Story

We were some innovative coworkers in Germany working on information systems, we had a common dream to help the world with equality and anti-racism, that’s where we start.

We wanted to make a marketplace for startups and talented engineers, innovators that can be gathered from the least developed countries and then help them to grow their system to the world class level, which enables them to compete with other innovative systems globally. So that, not only their local industrial challenges benefit from these high quality applications, but also the whole world.

We gathered and unite technology teams from different countries, different cultures and we build intelligent software, solutions together in the area of the information systems. We began from Middle East countries. Currently, we focus on industrial use cases. Soon we want to develop systems in West African countries, we plan to expand our products to support healthcare and medical use cases.


  • Mahmood M. Shafiei
    Mahmood M. Shafiei Chief Executive Officer
  • Masoud Hassani
    Masoud Hassani Chief Operations Officer
  • Herold Binsack
    Herold Binsack Chief Communications Officer

Social Responsibility

Helping Least Developed Countries with Their IT Challenges

Lack of intelligent systems in the least developed countries, move us to put our capabilities into action. These countries deserve asset management, EPC, health care information systems as well as developed countries. That’s our honor to help these societies’ industry to reach equality and fairness.


At Rhyton we believe at anti-racism, we are all humans, were burn to improve our environments locally and globally. We create technology teams from different countries and cultures to create more innovative solution ideas, we evaluate these solutions from our different mindsets, cultures, then uniting these ideas to a general one, which satisfies all. At Rhyton we learn to have more regard to our unique cultures. Africans, Afghans, Turkish, Black, white skins are equal to us.

Customers, People Focused

At Rhyton we believe at challenges which bring us greater mindsets and better solutions.

We want to revolutionize works for who are doing repetitive, unchallengeable tasks. We regard human time and brain. We put our workforces in rewarding challenges to fulfill our customers need. We train our people, register them to international seminars and tech courses to help them expand their career zones.

We put customers at the center of what we do. We consider their competitive advantage, then take on some exciting new challenges, so that we provide them with innovative solutions that helps in better mission and AI decision making tools.