Empowering Organizations with Rhyton Intelligent Solutions

Organizations face challenges every day. The business environment is more ambitious and complex and teams are more distributed. Work completion schedules are tighter with a higher level of standard.
By increasing the volume of data and crucial needs to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, using an information system in the organization is inevitable.
Rhyton Solutions GmbH helps organizations harness the power of digital technology without the complexity associated with digital transformation.
Rhyton provides tools, and services to transform the business and organizational activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies with seamless and integrated software solutions.
This integrity empowers company and managers to manage effectively and gain insight and consistency of processes.

Rhyton Project ERP

Manage large and mega Engineering, Procurement, Construction projects seamlessly in an integrated software solution.

Rhyton Mission Management

Manage fleets and resource missions globally.

Rhyton Big Data Analytics

Analyze and achieve actionable and game-changing insight on your data.

Business Intelligence Services

Find the power beyond your data.

Rhyton Deep View

Rhyton DeepView has developed the unique ability to capture, analyze and record events from camera streams in conjunction with Video Management Software (VMS) such as Milestone and Genetec.



Each module ships with industry best-practice documentations, which reduces risk and speed of implementation.

User Interface Unity
Easy training and straightforward using of ERP, with unity in look-and-feel.

Project Wide Change Management
Change effect management from engineering to construction.

Each Project, Customized
Workflows, templates, reports, notifications and even numberings are customizable in each project.

All modules are integrated, as well as each module works standalone.

Every detail in an EPC project
Your path to project excellence has just been fast-tracked with the most complete engineering, procurement, construction integrated software solution.